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SMART SUPPLY is one of the leading key professional vendor for major companies in the Oil & Gas, refineries, industries, Power Plant, Food & Beverage, Construction, Water, and NGOS in the Kurdistan region.Through our network of Manufactures and Suppliers worldwide including, UAE, Turkey, USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy and China. We can commit to provide genuine quality materials, honest dealings, and focused after sales services to our clients.We also provide various services as per customer's requirement.

SMART SUPPLY provides customized support to both new and established Oil Service Companies who are seeking additional technical and commercial advantages. We focus on building relationships for the long term.

Our Products include:

  •  High Quality Tools.
  •  High Quality Safety Products
  •  Pipes and Pipe Fittings
  •  Flanges and Accessories
  •  Valves
  •  Hammer Unions
  •  Fittings and Accessories
  •  Instrumentation Tubes, Compression Fittings and Accessories
  •  Oil & Gas Drilling and Production Compounds
  •  Air Operated Pumps
  •  Lifting Equipment
  •  Fasteners
  •  Industrial Structural Steel

Our Services include: 

  •  Container Modification
  •  Instrumentation Services
  •  Tank Cleaning and Epoxy Coating
  •  Electrical and Lighting services
  •  Steel Structures
  •  Plumbing Services
 Quality and a total passion for perfection, together with a meticulous choice of products and efficient working procedures is the main commitment of SMART SUPPLY.

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